Excursion to Bīriņu manor and Mālpils manor in Latvia (October 16)

Join an excursion to Vidzeme region manors as potential employers to introduce youth with possible working places, nuances, specifics and main trends in operating the hotel in a manor!

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Mikelis Day Fair in Doma square (September 29)

Mikelis Day Fair will take place in Doma square on September 29 from 9.00-17.00. Doma square will be full of Latvian grown pumpkins, apples, pears, cranberries, cowberries and much more.

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Latvian traditional dance evenings

There are numerous places in Riga. where you can learn to dance traditional Latvian dances.

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PRIME Training Programme offer for September

Join the PRIME training programme activities in September 2018 - Latvian language courses and Latvian culture workshops!

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Free sport activities (trainings) in Riga

Riga Municipality offers an opportunity to participate in various sport activities in Riga. All trainings are free of charge.

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White Night 2018 (night of September 8 to September 9)

The modern culture forum White Night 2018 in Riga is scheduled for the night of 8 September and 9 September, offering more than40 various contemporary art and cultural events in Riga. 

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Countryside Comes into Town! (September 8)

Countryside Comes into Town! will take place on on November 11 embankment, September 8, from 10:00-20:00. It will provide a wonderful opportunity to become acquainted with the Latvian countryside with its characteristic scents, tastes and animals. The event will also include a demonstration of agricultural machinery from the last 100 years. 

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Live Jazz concerts in the heart of the Oldtown (June-August)

A series of Live Jazz concerts will take place from June until August on Thursdays at 17.00 in the garden of the Small Gild. 

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Open-air gymnastics and nordic walking in Riga (June-August)

Riga Municipality offers an opportunity to participate in open-air gymnastics and nordic walking in various places in Riga. All workshops are free of charge.

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